Monday, February 12, 2018

Canberra Brown Owls - February 2018

Hey Brown Owls!

So it's now February, all the kids are back at school and we're all starting to settle into the year ahead and dream of next year's summer holidays!  So to get our year organised, how about making cute little needle books.  The perfect little addition to your craft kit.  Of course, feel free to bring along some of your projects - bring along your UFOs, new projects, old projects or even something new.  
Need inspiration?   
Image source:

This is the needle book I plan to make, a cute little butterfly book the perfect size for my craft kit! Click on this link:
Need more details? How cute is this little  needle book from Nana Company?  Click on this link below for all the details:
Or this cute little needle book from the Stitch Craft Create Magazine.  Just click on this link.
 This one is from one of my most favourite Embroidery designers - LiliPopoJust click on this link.
Or how about this cute little Letter Needle BookJust click on this link which takes you to an archived web page, but the tutorial is still there!!
And if you need more inspiration, here's a whole bunch!
Meet Up Details:
Saturday  17 February 2018
From 1pm - 4pm
Venue Details:
This month we're meeting in the Community Room located at the  Belconnen Fire Station, on Bardi Place in Macquarie (or you might know it's along Bindubi Street, Aranda (not far from Jamison shops).
Please park in the public parking area located on the side of the Fire Station. Apologies for stating the obvious, but please do not access the fire station from their main entry.

Access to the Community Room is by a pass which we have organised. The community room also has kitchenette and bathroom facilities.

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