Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's a Wrap - Feb 2016

So I'm on a roll.  Well, not really .... just sitting at the computer for a change instead of avoiding it!!

So yesterday, we headed to the Cafe at the National Arboretum (Hobbysew was booked) and we enjoyed, views, coffee and craft (oh and the salted caramel, macadamia & chocolate tart)!!  In fact, we had such a lovely time - we are going to make our meet ups go for another hour!!

So we decided to make the gorgeous flower fabric brooches from Issue 40 of Mollie Makes.  They are so lovely and a great way to dig into your fabric scraps and put them to a lovely use!

So you've seen the inspiration pic, now have a look at some of our flowers:

Lovely works in progress

Lots of concentrating happening!

My finished flower.  Why not show and tell yours?
 So we normally meet the last Saturday of the month, but in March that falls on Easter Saturday.  So we'll be moving a week earlier.  Check our Canberra Brown Owls Facebook page for the details soon.


It's a Wrap - Jan 2016

So, just dusting off this blog (ahem) and sharing the highlights of the last two meet ups this year.  Yep, we're back.  Of course, you can always find us over at our Facebook page Canberra Brown Owls.  We share all our meet ups and events over at our page!

So in January, we decided to meet at Hobbysew (and not because we can buy stuff there.....!!)  We love Hobbysew!  Our first sess of the year was all about crafting, in company with lovely Owls and planning our year ahead.  We've decided to make this the year of "Mollie Makes" where we explore and make projects, from Mollie Makes issues, new and old.

So for our first meet up, we oohed and aahed over lovely mags, show and tell of our fabric stash and we made little flags!  The gorgeous flags were from the Lemon Lane Style blog and oh so cute. Of course, Canberra Brown Owl meet ups are free choice, bring your own project or make one with us!  And this time, I think everyone did!

Now I had better go and find my flags.  My daughter has taken them to her Barbie house!!  For the full tutorial, head on over to the Lemon Lane Style blog.

We had a fabulous start to the year.