Monday, October 23, 2017

Canberra Brown Owls - October

Get your Tassel On!

So with November only a few days to go until November, this month let’s look at making tassels and turning them into fabulous gifts (for yourself too – that counts!).

A few ideas found in the world of www land and Pinterest:

DIY Coiled Rope Tassel Bowl

Take your tassel making to the next level and make tassels to decorate your handmade rope bowl!

Easy Tassel Earrings

These cute little earrings use your favourite embroidery threads and a couple of jewellery-making supplies.  Don’t need earrings? Thinks about all the lovely things you can decorate these with!

Tassel Bracelets

And how adorable are these bracelets.  I want them all!  Grab your old bracelets and pimp glamp them or make your own from scratch!!  Grab the cute beads and charms and tassel away

Easy-ier Tassel Earrings

For even easier Tassel earrings, grab a pack of ready make tassels and craft them up!

For even more ideas for making and using Tassels, try this link:


Venue Details:

This month we're meeting in the Community Room located at the West Belconnen Fire Station, on Lhotsky Street in Charnwood. If you're not familiar with the area, you will need to come onto Lhotsky Street and it is opposite McDonalds.

Please park in the public parking area located on the left hand side of the Fire Station. Apologies for stating the obvious, but please do not access the fire station from their main entry on Ginninderra Drive or through their gates on Lhotsky Street.

Access to the Community Room is by a pass which we have organised. The community room also has kitchenette and bathroom facilities.


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