Monday, April 24, 2017

Canberra Brown Owls - April 2017

Join us this month for Canberra Brown Owls - and this month we're trying English Paper Piercing and Hexagons!

Now I'm no expert in these, so let's all learn together!

I've found a few helpful websites, so let's get started!

Hexagon Templates:

You'll need templates for cutting your hexagon pieces and templates.  You can print some off from the Willow Market website.  I recommend printing/cutting from thin cardstock if you can.  It's a little bit sturdier then the usual print paper!
Sewing Supplies:
* English Paper Piecing Templates printed on cardstock at actual size (full scale)
* Cotton fabric scraps or fat quarters, two contrasting prints or colors
* Hand quilting thread, a colour that will blend in with your fabrics
* Glue stick (optional)

* Fabric scissors
* Hand quilting needle
* Paper scissors
Sewing Hexagon/English Paper Piecing Instructions

I have found a great tutorial with lots of photos over at the 'Zen of Making' website.  Click on the link for all the instructions (Part 1) to make the individual hexagons and then over to Part 2 of the Tutorial for assembly into gorgeous Hexagon flowers!  There are heaps of instructions for making hexagons, including these ones from Pretty by Hand and Bee in my Bonnet.
So if you're wondering what you can do with these gorgeous hexagons, and trust me - it is rather addictive (and the perfect project to take anywhere with you), you can try these!

A Hexie Pincushion by Spoonful of Sugar
Hexie Cushion from Homelife
BYO all your sewing supplies and fabrics.

We will be using the room at Magpies Sports Club in Kippax.

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